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Maria Bustamante, attest that Gloria Rodriguez was my therapist for three months and she performed on me a weight-loss treatment. I reach down from 168 lbs to 118 lbs and the treatment has finished completely satisfied way. It was a year ago and I still maintain the same weight around 118 lbs – 122 lbs. The treatment improved my health.”
Maria Bustamante

I Andrés E. Monsalve, a resident of the city of New York, I have complete faith in the outcome of weight loss program, which I attended in Gloria Spa for a period of four months. My weight and my size when I started the program was 214 lbs and size 36 in pants, when I finished this process I am in 170 lbs and size 32 in trousers. My life has changed dramatically, I grew self-esteem and the happiness returned to my life, if we add that thanks to weight reduction through treatment: I also got rid of some chronic pain I had in my back for a herniated discs. Now I am happy and I invite all people who have an overweight problem visiting Gloria Spa for their lives to change as radically as this program changed mine.”
Andres Monsalve

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